• Sara Lowe Library Presentation Articled 7 months ago
  • JACADA Campus Affairs Panel Articled last year
    Panelists Angela Adams, IU General Council Cindy Gill, External Affairs Casey Windhorst, Office of International Affairs
  • Nekoma Burcham: A New Mission Articled 2 years ago
    After over 11 years serving the IUPUI community, Nekoma Burcham will say farewell to the Office of Veteran and Military Personnel (OVMP) on December 18, 2015 to fulfill a new mission helping struggling young women find hope and a sustainable new life.  Originally from Huntington, IN, Nekoma joined the Office of the Registrar in 2004; first entering official grade rosters “in the days when faculty still had to walk them over to our office.” A unique opportunity to change positions in her first year resulted in her first touchpoint with veteran students filing GI Bill paperwork and assisting with basic services for this student population. Following a few years working with the Office of the Bursar, Nekoma helped create the first unit dedicated to serving IUPUI’s rapidly growing number of student veterans. The OVMP opened in 2009.  She worked for two years as a member of the AAR coding team (2013 – 2015). But missing and loved by the students she formerly served, Nekoma returned to the OVMP this fall before learning she was the recipient of a grant from the ...
  • December 2015 President's Welcome Articled 2 years ago
    We are so happy you have found your way to our virtual community for JACADA, the professional advising organization for IUPUI and IUPUC! JACADA was and continues to be the dream of those who are passionate about the profession of advising and student success. We are only as good as the ideas created and manifested by our members. Luckily, we have an amazing group of people with incredible vision and ideas. I have served in JACADA since its start, and I can say with authority that in its short 6 year history it has already exceeded many of the dreams we held at the beginning. . . . with advisors and student services professionals. Our committees provide an opportunity for advisors to get involved and promote a professional community. . . . with administrators. We have a seat on the Campus Advising Council, Directors of Advising, and the AdRx Technical Committee.  If you are an IUPUI or IUPUC advisor or someone who cares about advising, please join us by creating a profile. We have no membership fees—just an expectation that you get ...

The Jaguar Academic Advising Association (JACADA) is open to faculty members, administrators, counselors, academic advisors, career advisors, graduate students, and other members of the IUPUI community whose interest is in the area of academic advising and student success. There is no cost to join JACADA. Members enjoy voting rights, the ability to interact with others of a similar interest, and special member features on the JACADA website. To get started, click on the button below.