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Characteristics of a Good Advisor

A good advisor:
  1. Is personally and professionally interested in being an advisor.
  2. Listens constructively, attempting to hear all aspects of students' expressed problems.
  3. Sets aside enough regularly scheduled time to adequately meet the advising needs of students assigned to him.
  4. Knows university policy and practice in sufficient detail to provide students with accurate, usable information.
  5. Refers students to other sources of information and assistance when referral seems to be the best student-centered response to be made.
  6. Attempts to understand student concerns from a student point of view.
  7. Views long-range planning as well as immediate problem-solving as an essential part of effective advising.
  8. Shares his advising skills with working colleagues who also are actively involved with advising.
  9. Continually attempts to improve both the style and substance of his advising role.
  10. Willingly and actively participates in advisor-training programs, both initial and in-service.
(Metz & Allan, 1981)