Joining a JACADA Committee is a great way to get involved further in JACADA and help make and facilitate the things that advisors need on campus! Each year when you complete your membership form, you can select the committee on which you wish to serve.

  • Professional Development
    The purpose of the committee shall be to promote the individual and corporate professional growth of the membership for the benefit of the advisors, students and the University as a whole. 
  • Campus Affairs
    The purpose of the Campus Affairs Committee of JACADA is to advocate for advisors to the campus and greater university community about affairs that directly impact the quality of work life for advisors, both faculty and staff.
  • Membership
    The purpose of the committee is to promote, establish and maintain active membership in JACADA. The committee will work with the Steering Committee to determine the need for or amount of annual membership dues. 
  • Communications
    The purpose of this committee shall be to facilitate communication of relevant information to IUPUI/IUPUC advisors and to the university, local communities, and media as appropriate; to heighten awareness of the importance of academic advising best policies and best practices; and to manage the JACADA newsletter, website, and listserv.
  • Research & Assessment
    The purpose of this committee shall be to promote research and assessment of advising at IUPUI and of the advising profession as a whole. This committee can consult with faculty and staff in advising-related studies, and shall oversee the Research Grant process.
  • Policy and Procedures
    The purpose of this committee shall be to advise JACADA on IUPUI advising policies and procedures as well as coordinate JACADA election procedures. This committee shall also be responsible for interpreting the JACADA Constitution when necessary. This committee shall coordinate an annual review of the organization’s bylaws.

Committee Chairs